Confession: The Fae

Part two of my "confession" series

May 25, 2020. George Floyd was killed by a police officer who kneeled on his neck while fellow officers watched on. Maybe I lost some of you here, but I don’t care. That’s an event in the history of our country, and it cannot be disputed. Anyhow, my point is, that date shattered any illusion I had of my peaceful (and useless) social media allyship being useful. It was a date that I realized my playing both sides of the aisles to keep it politically correct was hurting my friends of color.

Over the next few days, I researched and cried and got angry and cried and then I felt something really powerful. My connection to something I’ve always felt was real getting stronger. I believe in a spiritual world that far surpasses my religious beliefs. I believe in Faeries and Magick and the Divine. And, during this horrifying time in our nation’s history, it just got stronger.

June 5, 2020. There were protests going on all over the globe. In my town, there were protests planned for Saturday, June 6th. So, on Friday, I decided to do a little ritual at home for protection. What I mean is, I wanted to send out love and light to the Universe to protect the people who were peacefully protesting, and I added a few of my closest friends and family to the list...just because.

I jotted down the names of the people and events I wanted to stay safe on a piece of paper, then I lit a white candle and said a little prayer. I put the note under the candle and decided I would let it burn until it was done… There was a full moon that evening, and I assumed the candle would burn out around midnight. Throughout the weekend, I sent text updates to friends. The thing is, this candle burned until Sunday morning.

The reason I gave you this backstory is because I THINK this is when the wild ride started at my house. This was when I think the Fae showed up to play. (I feel like I need to give more information on Faeries, and I will. But, for now, I would simply like to share this one story... I ramble so try to follow along).

The case of the missing glasses:

That same weekend, my glasses went missing. Listen, I cannot see without my glasses. I do not lose them. They were gone. I looked everywhere inside and outside of my house. I enlisted my children to help with the search because… haha… I can’t actually see without my glasses. I had to dig through my cabinets in the bathroom to find my contact lenses. The whole weekend was a struggle. By the way, contacts are not my favorite.

Monday evening, I was sitting on my back patio chatting on the phone and watching my dog, Wynnie, run around the back yard. My dog is my furever companion, and she rarely leaves my side. She is more inclined to do her doggy business and come lie at my feet on the patio, than she is to frolic solo for too long. As my phone conversation came to an end, I walked inside. I finished the dishes and prepared for bed. I noticed that Wynnie was not in the house, so I walked to the backyard to call her. Nothing. Thinking I had missed her, I searched the house again, calling her name. Still nothing. I started to panic because this is truly not normal. Maybe she had gotten out?! I went outside again, this time checking the perimeter of the fence. There was no sign of escape… but where was she?! I went back in the house calling and calling. I went to the front door and checked the front yard. Nope... not there either. Walking back to the kitchen, I see her in my hallway just wagging her tail. I took a deep breath, asked her where she had been (she refused to tell me), and we went to bed.

Tuesday, I got up, made coffee and decided I would FIND my glasses if it was the LAST thing I ever did. I am not Catholic, but I’ve always had a lot of luck with calling on Saint Anthony when I lose something. So, I did. Around 11am, Wynnie sat in front of the back door trembling. I had no idea what was wrong, but I opened the door and she walked outside. She looked back as if to say, “follow me.” I followed her down the sidewalk that is in the middle of my yard. I noticed something sparkling in the sunlight. There they were… MY GLASSES… in the middle of the sidewalk on a leaf. Once I grabbed them, Wynnie pranced around the yard a bit, and we walked inside.

I have no idea if her disappearance the night before and her weird behavior that morning were related to the glasses, but it’s all so curious to me. The candle staying lit for a million hours, is that related? Is the leaf my glasses were on something significant, too? I still have many questions. But, that Tuesday I decided to make space in my house for Fae.

More on this to come.

Be loved!


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