My light...

A short and not very good poem from my heart. #beyourownlight #selflove


Here it is

My light.

It’s bright. It twinkles.

It flickers. It flames.

Not everyone can see it.

Not everyone wants to.

But. My light. It’s always there.

My light.

It’s a firefly.

Blinking, twinkling.

You can chase me.

I like the game.

My light.

Do you see it there?

It guides. It comforts. It’s a house.

It’s family. It’s safety. It’s home.

My light.

What if you caught me?

Would you be gentle?

Would you hold me in your hand?

Watch me joyfully then lovingly release me to let me shine on?

Or, would you do what they all did?

Try to seal me up in a jar with no

one to help as I suffocate and fizzle out?

Snuff my flame and watch me smoke.

I would rather put myself out than give you the pleasure.

It’s MY light. Mine.

You. You don’t treasure my benefits.

The dark is where you think


But, you’re wrong.

I have the switch.

The matches.

The spark.

Watch out.

My light.
It’s electric, it’s neon, it hums.

And, There it goes.

My light.

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