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I recently went to visit my best friend. She lives super close to the beach, so I ask to see the water whenever I visit. I was going through a rough time, and needed to feel the air, hear the sounds, and breathe in its power and energy. Before I got out of the car, I asked the Universe to give me a sign.

“Please Universe, help me feel like this past year wasn’t a waste.”

I sat on the sand for a few minutes and let myself feel everything. My friend went to look for shells, and I just sat soaking it all in. I had my favorite crystals, and I played music from the #Calm app (not affiliated). After a few minutes, something told me to go down to the water. I took off my shoes and walked down there.

Typically, my walks on the beach include a long pause standing close to the water with my arms outstretched, my eyes closed, my head tilted up towards the sky, and my lungs full from gigantic gulps of air. I literally thank the Heavens for the magick of the Sea.

I try to let the cool breeze perform a cleansing of my soul. I ask the sounds of the tide to energize and revive me. This time was nothing new… After a minute or two, something told me (again) to walk a little farther away from water and look down.

So, I walked. This is when I noticed something truly incredible. At my feet were hundreds of broken shells. What was remarkable about them? Well, I’ll tell you. I THOUGHT they were sea glass at first. (I know… not in NC… but really). These shells were perfect. Sure, they were broken and they were only a piece of what they used to be. However, they were STILL shells… CHANGED into the most beautiful things.


I grabbed a handful to take home. Today, they are sitting with my crystals, and they serve as a reminder that while this past year of my life may have broken me down, it's really a transformation.


I am beautiful. I am me… perhaps more ME than I ever was before.


Thank you, Universe.

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