The Confession

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I have a confession to make. I can hear and FEEL things sometimes.

I’m not a futurist. I cannot predict the future. In fact, I don’t ever WANT to be able to predict the future. I believe in energies and instinct. I believe we have choices to make based on how we interpret the meaning of the energy around us. Choices always have consequences-positive or negative. I believe strongly in free will, and I never have a right to interfere with someone else’s life just because I want to.

Since I was very little, strangeness has always surrounded me. Part of my insightful mind, I believe, was shaped by trauma. I had to learn early on how to read a room. Was I safe? Was there going to be a literal monster coming to get me? Do I need to disassociate? How do I get by? I was very imaginative, and I spent hours and hours in the stories of my mind (and in books) to find peace.

I always asked for “signs” from God or the Universe (or both) to guide me. I did it for YEARS. Heck, I still do. “Show me that I’m making the right choice with a sign,” I would plead. And, the signs would come.

To this day, I can climb in my car and hear the radio before I turn the car on. I just know the song that is playing. I can also answer questions (my mother HATES this) before they are asked. Parlor tricks, maybe. But, I just know these things.

Before it sounds like I’m getting carried away, I should clarify that I cannot predict winning Powerball numbers. I actually don’t think it would be fun to be able to do that. Surprises are just as magickal as being omniscient… maybe even more so. Life is better with anticipation and newness.

The point if this lead in was not, dear friends, to make you think I need to up my meds or go to more therapy. It was simply to say… I have started to recognize that I have some clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts.

But, VISIONS… actual VISIONS are super new to me.

So, here we go. I am starting a series of posts to talk about my adventures in the STRANGE. I’m excited yet admittedly a little nervous to share. I will wrap up today’s post with a little back story. (Cue the dramatic music of your choice).

I moved into this adorable little house in a historic district in my town over a year ago. It’s 100ish years old. The energy in this place is mostly wonderful. My first few months here, I did not notice much. I was mourning my marriage and guilt ridden about how my actions were impacting my children. Life was the old normal. Teaching, parenting, and occasional social outings because we COULD… In March of this year, as you all know, we were all forced inside. I am very fortunate in that I was (and still am) able to work from home. However, that meant for a lot of extra time in this little house. That’s when the *things* started happening…

(To be continued…)

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